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  Now talk really is cheap







Who are we?

FarFone Telecoms is a company whose core business is Internet-based telecommunications. We provide products and services which enable calls to be made via the Internet (VoIP—Voice over Internet Protocol) at a fraction of the cost of normal calls — or for free. Our clients consequently enjoy massive savings on their telephone costs as compared to traditional or regular telephone users.


We are dedicated to you, our valued client. Our mission is to provide you with a cost effective and excellent VoIP service through the integration of our advanced technology and service-oriented culture.


We strive to offer you, the end user the right service at the right price. We are completely committed to ensuring that your voice communications costs are kept as low as possible.


Our datacenter, systems development and infrastructure enables us to provide our customers with the highest level of service they deserve while also continually allowing us to enhance our service to them. Our award winning Control Panel is user friendly and provides our end users with a streamlined interface to all of their messaging and communications.


As we continue to drive change in the industry, our clients will appreciate our smart systems ability to bring our cellular, office and home phones

together...and this is just what we can offer today.


What makes FarFone special?

We offer low-cost customized plans for each user.

In addition FarFone members can call each other for free and anyone else who has a regular telephone number - including long distance, mobile, and international numbers – at a fraction of the cost of a regular phone call.


In order to support users from across the world our services allow you to use most IP phones, PDAs, Wifi IP phones and phone adaptors. Find out how our services can change the way you look at communicating.

Contact info@farfone.com for questions or further information.


How does it work?
Pick up the phone or use your computer to call people depending on your needs.


Where can I call?
Anywhere. Calls to other
FarFone numbers are always free no matter where the callers are located. Calls to regular numbers are covered by our calling plans at extremely low rates.


What do I need?
An ADSL or Cable connection to the Internet and a computer if using a soft phone, USB phone, headset or use of internal microphone and speakers. For more flexibility and the best quality, a standard router and inexpensive
FarFone adaptor will allow you to use a regular handset or cordless phone to make calls. We also offer stand alone IP phones which plug directly to the router with no need for an adaptor.


Why do I want this?
If you or your company have people that you want to communicate with in areas where it is expensive to call, we can change that. If you  have friends, relatives or associates anywhere in the world we can help you call them at extremely low rates or for free for as long as you wish depending on your preference.















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