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  Now talk really is cheap









We offer state-of-the-art Voice over IP (VoIP) services to our clients.


Our products and services include calling plans, devices and other unique services obtainable through our network of agents across the country



  Why should you become a client of FarFone Telecoms?


1. Make free Internet Phone Calls (IP to IP) i.e. no per minute rate applies (see our 

      Basic Membership— Free Calls— section).


2.    Make calls with or without a computer to anyone anywhere in the world at a 

      fraction of the cost of a regular phone call.


3.    Call any regular phone with our Public Service Telephone Network (PSTN)



4.    Get Interactive Voice Response in multiple languages.


5.    Login and administer your account from our web site.


6.    Have anyone call you from a regular phone on your IP phone using a Gateway.


7.    Purchase a range of our VoIP devices and services at competitive prices


8.    Receive a host of other features and benefits, including the following:


               - eVoicemail


               - Call Manager


               - Privacy features


               - On Demand Conferencing


               - INring – allows simultaneous ring to home, office, cell & VoIP phone


               - Intuitive Speed Dial

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